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SCLO’s Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Project





SCLO recently received a grant to provide a full range of legal services to grandparents and other relatives aged 60 and older who reside in Central New Mexico (home to almost 40% of the State’s population) and who are raising family members under the age of 18. The counties served by SCLO are:

  • Bernalillo
  • Sandoval
  • Valencia
  • Torrance

The goal of SCLO’s services is to ensure the economic, health and housing security and stability of grandparents and other relatives raising minor children that will benefit the entire family unit. SCLO’s services include:

  • accessing and/or retaining health and public benefits;
  • asserting debtors’ rights and defending against consumer scams and identity theft;
  • accessing and/or preventing the loss of housing, including eviction and mortgage foreclosure defense; and
  • preparing wills and other advance directives that will protect the future well-being of the household unit.

We also provide targeted education and outreach to grandparents and other relatives raising grandchildren, especially in rural areas of SCLO’s service area.

Moreover, in collaboration with Pegasus Legal Services for Children and others, we systemically advocate for children and their non-parental households on issues that impact this population statewide.

If you are a grandparent or other adult relative over the age of 60 and reside in Central New Mexico and are raising family members under the age of 18 and need assistance in regard to the bulleted services, please contact SCLO at 505.265.2300.

For brochure, please go to: Grandparents Raising Grandchildren brochure


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