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Estate Planning – SCLO has resumed its practice

For Estate Planning, please contact SCLO for an appointment at 505-265-2300.    SCLO has changed its practice to do estate planning for seniors 60 years of age and older only in Bernalillo, Sandoval, Torrance, and Valencia County.  SCLO will no longer be providing estate planning to people under 60 and/or reside outside of the four counties listed above.

SCLO offers several estate planning services for a reduced fee, including:

  • Simple wills

  • Transfer on death deeds

If you are 60 or over and reside in Bernalillo, Sandoval, Torrance, and Valencia counties only, SCLO may be able to assist you in preparing your estate documents at a reduced fee.  SCLO will charge an initial consultation fee of $50 for a single person and $100 for a couple.  This fee is deducted from the overall of cost of the estate planning, but is non-refundable if clients do not complete their estate planning through SCLO.   A cancellation fee of $50 will be added to the cost for no shows or if less than 24-hour notice of cancellation is given.

Special Notice to the Family Members of SCLO’s Estate Planning Clients:

Often SCLO’s valued Estate Planning clients show up with family members, adult children, or others, and they are upset when reminded that only the client may be in the office with the attorney.  For a thorough explanation on why SCLO’s policy is to only allow Estate Planning clients in the appointment (and not their family members or others) with the attorney, see the American Bar Association’s publication on this exact matter, entitled “Why am I Left in the Waiting Room,” at

Getting Started

Please contact us if you would like more information on our reduced fee services or would like to make an appointment with one of our staff attorneys.   SCLO does not draft trusts or revoke existing trusts.

Estate Planning Services and Prices Effective January 1, 2023

Prices are listed for seniors 60+ who reside in Bernalillo, Sandoval, Valencia and Torrance counties only. SCLO also provides powers of attorney for health care and financial decision making as well as cremation forms at no charge to seniors.

Note: Pursuant to Chapter 134 of the 50th Legislature’s 1st Session, the County Clerk’s office in all New Mexico counties will increase its recording fees to a $25 flat fee for each document recorded. If the document being recorded contains more than ten entries to the county recording index, the county shall collect an additional fee of $25.  If a document contains fewer than ten entries to the county recording index and is recorded in person in the office of the county clerk by one of the interested persons named on the document, the county clerk shall collect a fee of $10.

It is the practice of the Senior Citizens Law Office to record documents prepared by this office; consequently, the recording fee will be $25.

Prices for Seniors 60+ in Bernalillo, Sandoval, Torrance, and Valencia Counties

Simple will(s):

    • $300 – single person

    • $450 – couple

    • $125 – codicil for a will that SCLO prepared  (we will not do codicils for other attorneys’ wills)

TODD (transfer on death deed):

  • $200 each

       Quit Claim deed with estate planning $150

Affidavit of Successor in Interest – $300

Affidavit of Surviving Spouse – $300

Individuals who reside in Sandoval, Torrance, and Valencia county but who are over the Federal Poverty Limit of 200% will be charged $25 for each power of attorney and cremation form.  Wills and TODDs will be at the regular price listed above.

Please contact (505) 265-2300 to schedule an appointment.

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