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Health Care Rights

Health Care Rights

We want to make sure that seniors receive the benefits they are entitled to, including Medicare and in some cases, Medicaid; and are aware of the value of preventive health care and healthy aging options.

No senior should have to choose between their health and food or electricity.

SCLO is dedicated to protecting the rights of seniors – including their rights to health, safety and independence.

Health Care Rights

Our Health Care Rights is designed to promote seniors’ access to Medicare, Medicaid, and related health care; and their use of preventive services and healthy aging options.

The benefits and services on which we focus:

  • Medicare (primarily eligibility and enrollment issues)
  • Medicare Savings Programs (QMB, SLMB, QI)
  • Medicaid for seniors
  • “Pickle” Medicaid eligibility
  • Healthy aging

Through the Project we offer:

  • Education and information about health care rights and preventive care to seniors and those who assist them
  • Support in identifying and resolving problems in eligibility and access to services

Studies indicate that seniors have difficulty obtaining the health care they need because of the complexities of the health care system, including Medicare and Medicaid. This complexity frequently prevents seniors from obtaining the care required for them to remain living independently.  In addition, seniors are often unaware of the value of and coverage for preventive services.

Additional Sources of Information Include:

  • Brochures, Flyers and Fact Sheets in the “Healthcare” section of the INFORMATION CENTER on this SCLO web site
  • The Medicare Rights Center — “Medicare Interactive” service, and informational updates including “Dear Marci” and “Medicare Watch” (
  •  The National Council on Aging – “Benefits Access,” “Falls Prevention,” and “Healthy Aging” Centers (
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