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Advance Directives

Advance directives include health care and financial powers of attorney as well as cremation authorization forms, and may be executed at SCLO’s offices or at dedicated monthly workshops scheduled throughout the four-county area.

These services are free of charge for seniors sixty and over.

Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a document which allows a person to nominate someone to handle health care and financial decisions if a person is no longer able to make them for themselves. The power of attorney gives a person a voice in how these important decisions are handled and allows them to select the best person to be spokesperson for them.

Download a Health Care Power of Attorney

Financial Power of Attorney forms are not available on-line; they must be executed in the office or at one of our clinics.

Do Not Resuscitate Forms

New Mexicans have the legal right to refuse such medical treatments as cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR). In order to exercise this right, a physician’s order for Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) must be written to stop the automatic response of CPR. Many patients have such DNR orders written by their physicians because CPR is considered a futile and unwanted intervention that may prolong the dying process.

The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Do Not Resuscitate form developed by the EMS Bureau, Community Health Systems Division of the New Mexico Department of Health instructs EMS personnel to forgo resuscitation attempts in the event of a patient’s cardiopulmonary arrest.  To request an individual DNR form contact the EMS Bureau at 505-476-8200.


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