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Looking for Health Coverage? NM Superintendent of Insurance, partnering with other state agencies, has published valuable guidance on how you can get it.


LOOKING FOR HEALTH COVERAGE?  The NM Superintendent of Insurance – partnering with other state agencies – has published valuable guidance on how you can get it.  Under the slogan “No matter what, you can get covered,” the materials provide information about available options: through Medicaid, the state’s Health Insurance Exchange (BeWellNM), and the NM Medical Insurance Pool.  The materials include flyers in English and Spanish; and concise information about how each program works, and its eligibility criteria, application procedures, and contact information.  Supplemental information is also provided on COVID-19 testing and related services,

The guidance can currently be seen online at the Office of the Superintendent of

Insurance’s website,

( then click on item #13 dated April 20).

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