Legal Clinics

SCLO has developed four new legal clinics designed to help seniors help themselves.

Each clinic provides an overview of a particular legal issue and guides seniors in preparing the appropriate legal documents. These programs empower seniors by giving them the tools they need to address basic legal issues on their own.

Clinic topics include:

  1. Debtors’ Rights – Covers various legal issues surrounding seniors’ relationship with creditors, including bankruptcy and other forms of debtor protection.
  2. Wills and Simple Estate Planning – Reviews the essentials of creating a will and estate planning documents.
  3. SSI Overpayment Clinic – Educates SSI recipients about their rights and responsibilities,  with respect to overpayment issues. The program includes a 32-page handout for each participant.
  4. Power of Attorney for Healthcare – Bet Tzedek staff train volunteer attorneys, who in turn, visit a senior center and assist 4-8 clients with powers of attorney for healthcare.

Please visit our events calendar to see clinics currently being offered by SCLO.


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